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The Merry Maiden's Dance

14 Jul 2014 News

I've just uploaded a new piece to my site - my favorite so far! A lively melody in E minor, The Merry Maiden's Dance is a much easier piece than it sounds. It's very reminiscent of Bach in its broken chord melody that moves from one hand to the other. But there's also a Schumannesque quality to it.

My husband, in fact, has nicknamed the piece, "Schuh-Bach!"

Written for pianists at the Early Intermediate Level (Grade 4), The Merry Maiden's Dance is the perfect stepping stone to Bach's Preludes, which in turn, of course, are a great entry-point to the Two- and Three- part Inventions.

As always, I've included Practice & Performance Tips as well as an audio sample. But until the piece is available for download, you can take a listen here  and join the merry maid in her merry dance: The Merry Maiden's Dance



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