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Welcome to the Music Corner!

You'll find a number of short pieces under the Sheet Music Tab for Late Elementary through Intermediate Piano. These lovely pieces are short enough to be easily mastered in a couple of weeks, and are perfect for recitals, master classes, or even informal soirees.

 The Big Notes facilitate easy reading and are great for both young and older pianists.

 I've included performance and practice tips, so you never feel you're on your own as you practice a piece. These tips will translate over into any piece you learn. They are also perfect for self-study.

You'll learn about things like fingering choices with every piece. And you'll also learn some relevant music theory. I've also included resources for music theory and sight reading that you might find useful.

An audio sample is included with each piece so you have an idea of how the piece goes.


Sheet Music



02 Sep 2016
Rondo alla Turca and Muscle Memory
Although I've frequently railed against muscle memory, I have to concede it has its place in piano practice. Muscle memory is invaluable when it comes to acquiring piano technique. Why? Because when you encounter a trill or any other ornament, you don't want to have to think about how to perform it any more than you would think about playing legato or staccato.   Listening to classical music while you're driving tends to give you a different perspective of it. And I've come to realize that a lot ...
19 Feb 2016
Ghosts With No Home: A New Piece for Cello and Piano
It's been a year since I had any time to compose. But a few weeks back, I decided to go back to one of my songs,and complete it. And I'm happy to say that I'm ready to upload a pdf file to my web site. It's uploaded on SoundCloud, so you can listen to it here: Ghosts With No Home . The URL, if the text link doesn't work, is: Ghosts With No Home  is a song (pop, if you're particular about genre categories) about the dreams that ...
09 Aug 2015
Unsung Father; Unappreciated Teacher
If teaching is hard work, ac ting as teacher to your own children is harder still. It takes great reserves of patience, an ability to provide structure and enforce discipline, and time—time that might more profitably be spent on one’s own interests. When my children would rather do anything else than work on their numbers or the alphabet, I’m frequently tempted to let things slide. I could use the time for my writing or my music.   So, you can imagine why Leopold Mozart has my heartfelt ... Comments 1