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By the Sea Shore

  By the Sea Shore  
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КомпозиторNupur Tustin
ИздательNupur Tustin
Жанр Классика / Инструментальная
Инструменты Фортепиано
Состав исполнителейСоло
Тип нотДля одного исполнителя
Тональность До мажор
Время звучания 1'27"
Уровень сложности Легко
Год создания 2014
Описание By the Sea Shore presents a musical representation of a day exploring the ocean waves. An Early Intermediate (Level 3-4) Solo, the piece will open up young imaginations to the symbolic effects of the different sounds pianists produce. The student is also introduced to the importance of making interpretive decisions. An easy-to-learn piece with a sophisticated sound, this is the perfect recital solo for the budding pianist.

• Includes Performance and Practice Tips for Self-Study
• Introduces Student to Sound Imagery
• Allows Students to Make Interpretive Decisions
• Introduces Usual Pedal Technique and its Deviation in
this Piece
• Can be used to supplement pieces from Method Books
such as Alfred's Basic Adult Course, Level 2
• Teachers can use the piece as a short etude to
facilitate students' understanding of the C Major scale,
and its triads, and chord inversions
• Suggestions for Additional Repertoire are included
Дата публикации 16 дек 2014


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