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The Merry Maiden's Dance

  The Merry Maiden's Dance  
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KomponistNupur Tustin
VerlegerNupur Tustin
Genre Klassische Musik / Instrumentalmusik
Instrumentierung Klavier
Partitur fürSolo
Art der PartiturFür einen Interpreten
Tonart e-Moll
Länge 1'3"
Schwierigkeitsgrad Mittel
Jahr der Komposition 2014
Beschreibung A brisk, lively tune in E minor, The Merry Maiden's Dance is a short piece for solo piano at the Early Intermediate Level (Grade 4). Using broken chords with a melody that moves from left hand to right and over the keyboard, this is excellent preparation for Bach's Preludes and Inventions. Best of all, it's a piece that's easily learned and lies well within the hands, but sounds quite difficult!

• Includes Performance and Practice Tips for Self-Study
• Helps Develop Hand Independence and Dynamic Balance
• Introduces Ledger Line Notes and the Concept of Imitation
• Can be Used to Supplement Pieces from Method Books such as
Alfred's Basic Adult Course, Level 2
• Includes Suggestions for Additional Repertoire and Music Theory
Datum des Uploads 14 Jul 2014


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