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My Latest Project: Born to Eternal Life

23 Aug 2014 News

 Last Sunday, just as I was about to prep a piano score for upload, I received an unexpected request for a short piece for cello and piano. I decided to rise to the challenge, and to re-work the piano score for a cello-piano duet. You can take a listen here: Born to Eternal Life

The piece is inspired by St. Francis's beautiful prayer, and takes its title, "Born to Eternal Life," from the last line of the prayer. I have to say I like the re-worked piece better than the original piano work, and the piano part turned out nice enough to be a solo piece in its own right.

I have to thank fellow Musicaneo composer Michael Lofting for his advice on the cello part and pianist & composer David Rhodes for trying out the piano part and suggesting the sostenuto pedal as a nice touch.

This is my first piece for an instrument other than piano, and I hope you like it.



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