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23 Jun 2014
Death March: Heavy Metal for Piano!
If you've always thought that heavy metal can only be played on guitar, I hope Death March will change your mind. Written for pianists at the Late Elementary through Early Intermediate Levels, Death March has the rhythmic feel of a heavy metal piece. You can preview the score as well as take a listen to the music by clicking on the Sheet Music tab on my web site, and then clicking on the title. I've also included a preview of the Performance & Practice Tips, so you have an idea of the kind ...
20 Jun 2014
The Use of the Pedal for Performing at Sight
Performing at sight essentially means you're sight reading a piece. Imagine you're a pianist at a hotel or bar or restaurant. Someone comes over and hands you the sheet music for a piece you haven't practiced or seen before. You may or may not have heard the piece. Or, you're a church pianist, and the hymns for the service have been changed. Now, you have to play at sight rather than play a piece you've spent some time practicing. Obviously this calls for a number of skills that I won't go into here, ...
20 Jun 2014
Pedal Technique: General Tips
Since the two pieces I've uploaded to the site - Niagara Waltz and Death March - both call for pedal, I thought I'd post some tips on using the sustain pedal here. The Performance & Practice tips for both pieces do include this information, but I'm providing a more general overview here. The sustain pedal is the pedal on the extreme right. As the name suggests, you use it to sustain or prolong sounds. This can be especially useful when you have to move from one position on the keyboard to ... Comments 1
14 Jun 2014
The Niagara Waltz
 The Niagara Waltz is a piano tribute to the Niagara Falls. The piece captures the swell and ebb of water, and the sense of peace induced by it. I've uploaded it to the MusicaNeo site, and it should be "live" soon. Until it does, you can take a listen here: Niagara Waltz